CSC Race Results 2008-09


Monday Night Racing State Races
Overall standings  GS Overall
 Week One GS By Class
 Week One NASTAR Slalom Overall
 Week Two Slalom by Class
 Week Two NASTAR Super G Overall
Week Three Super G by Class 
  Week Three NASTAR Snowboard Overall
Week Four Snowboard by Class
Week Four NASTAR XC Overall
Week Five XC by Class 
Week Five NASTAR  
Week Six On Snow Final Standings
Week Six NASTAR  
Week Seven On Snow Junior A
Week Seven NASTAR On Snow Junior B
Week Eight On Snow Club Race
Week Eight NASTAR On Snow Women's Race
Age Group Winners * On Snow Team Race

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Suburban Sports of Berlin, CT donated a pair of 2009 Elan Waveflex GSX racing skis and bindings after the last race of the season.  John Turner was the lucky winner!



* With a calculation as complex as this it's inevitable that errors will appear.  When you find them, please notify Rob Dexter.

February 16th was the last day to qualify for the NASTAR National Championships

Qualification for The Nature Valley NASTAR National Championships was finalized on February 17th and a Congratulations banner was placed in all qualifiers records on the 17th.The NASTAR National Championships are a great opportunity to race against your peers to determine which racers are the fastest, but the event is really about participating. We want families to enjoy the event as a team so that the parents can help the kids during their race and the kids can help the parents while they are racing. If you have family members or friends that are interested in racing but do not qualify, they can send a request for a discretionary entry to Discretionary entries will be granted if the event is not filled by qualified racers. Registration will be limited to the first 1,400 racers that register online. Click Here for more information on the Nature Valley NASTAR National Championships.

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Maintaining your NASTAR Record

The NASTAR web site is designed so that participants can manage their records and make corrections. The process is simple and you can even post of photo of yourself to further customize your page

If you have not created a password for yourself go to and type your last name in the space provided at the top of any page. A list of people with the same name will appear and you should Click on your name.

At the top of your record it will say:

I am "Your Name" and I would like to log in. Click Here

Click on this option and create a password for yourself.

If you have already created a password and you know your NASTAR Registration Number, enter the information in the appropriate space at the top of any page.

When you login the following options will be appear in a yellow Race Tools box:

Edit Personal Information
Merge Race Results
Change Name
Edit / Delete Photo
Printer-Friendly Version

Edit Personal Information - This option allows you to update your birthdate, gender, mailing address, email address and your discipline. You can also ad yourself to three different types of teams or create your own team; Family/Friends Team, Club Team and Resort Team.

Merge Race Results - When you visit a NASTAR resort and they are unable to find your registration number in their database the resort will post the results under your name and sometimes a duplicate record is created. Or, if the host resort misspells your name a duplicate record will be created. The Merge Race Results option gives you the power to put results from a different record in your primary record. The rankings are only updated at night (2 AM EST) so you will not see an immediate change in the rankings.

Change Name - If the host resort spells your name incorrectly you can correct your name. Add/ Delete Photo-You can add a photo to your page but the photo must be a .gif or .jpeg and it must be less than 100K.

Printer-Friendly Version - Provides a text version of your results page for easy printing.

You will know when you are logged in because your name will appear in the upper left corner of your screen under the date. If you use the search option to look for your last name while you are logged in you will see ** before your name.

If you would like to make changes to another record you must log out before you can log in and make changes to the next record.