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CSC's Monday Night Racers were well represented at the 2011 NASTAR Nationals in Winter Park in late March.  Competing were Jim Combs, Bob Zawacki, Kris Marshack, Lisa Wnuck,  Jane Moller, Jim Roccapriore, Ken Martin, Rob Dexter, and Pat Moore.

Jim picked up the Bronze medal in the men's 40-44 Bronze Division.  Bob grabbed 5th in 70-74 Gold, Kris took 6th in the 45-49 Gold division, Lisa took 4th in 45-49 Gold, Jane took 6th in 50-54 Gold, Jim  R. took 5th in 60-64 Gold, Ken grabbed a podium spot with 3rd in 55-59 Gold.  Rob took the Bronze medal in 60-64 Platinum!  Pat picked up his sixth National Championship in Men's 60-64 Snowboarding as well as a 5th place spot in 60-64 Platinum skiing..  The competition was tough.  Every one of our racers performed well! It was a FUN trip.  Plan on attending next year! 

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